Animal factories: Industrialisation and it’s effects on human-animal relations

Year 12 Year 13 Skill Level 2.2 Skill Level 3.5 Skill Level 2.4 Skill Level 3.2 NCEA AS91597 NCEA AS91600 NCEA AS91280 NCEA AS91282

Key Competencies:

Conduct a reflective social inquiry

Describe personal involvement in a social action related to rights and responsibilities

Conduct a critical social inquiry

Examine a campaign of social action(s) to influence policy change(s)


Explore the history of industrialisation and how it has changed human treatment of animals and learn about the emergence of ideas and movements that seek to challenge those changes.

Social Studies
Chickens kept to lay eggs Factory farming
Key Competencies
Social action Social inquiry

Working towards a world where animals are understood and respected in such a way that they are no longer exploited, abused or made to suffer.

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