Educational Webinars

Engage your classroom in an online discussion

Teachers and students using the Animals & Us education materials, or those simply interested in learning more about animal issues, are invited to take advantage of SAFE’s virtual speakers. Speakers can address whatever size group seems appropriate a class, a Year, or simply a group of pupils who are interested in the topic.

Bringing Us to You

Speakers are now available to give talks at your school.
Contact SAFE’s Head of Education today for more information or to make a booking. This is a free service, however a donation is appreciated.

Some of our speakers have specialist qualifications and experience and may, on special request, be able to give a presentation in their particular area of expertise.

You will need a stable wi-fi connection and access to Skype or Zoom. If you are projecting to a group you will need suitable projection and audio equipment. Up to 100 people can join a Zoom presentation individually via their device and using headsets.

Available Topics

Animal Rights

Learn about the history of animal rights, speciesism and social justice for animals

Factory Farming in NZ

Learn about the lives of animals on factory farms

Social Justice - Case Study

Follow SAFE's Love Pigs campaign that resulted in the ban of sow stalls in New Zealand

Animals in Experiments

Understand the types of animal experiments and issues around their ethical validity

Eat Kind

Live your values, be kind to animals, the planet and yourself with a plant-based lifestyle

Animals in Entertainment

Understand how animals suffer for our entertainment

Meet Nichola

Nichola Kriek - SAFE Head of Education

BA (Geography, Victoria University) BMus (Music, Victoria University) Dip Teach (Wellington College of Education)

Nichola is SAFE's Head of Education and co-creator of the popular SAFE Animals & Us education programme. She has worked in the field of animal rights/welfare education since 1994. In that time Nichola has spoken with hundreds of school groups, produced and published textbooks and children's magazines. She has run numerous events for young people: (animal-friendly holiday programmes, beach clean-ups and fundraising). She trained as a secondary school teacher in 1991.