“Can they suffer?”: The history of animal rights

Year 12 Year 13 Skill Level 2.2 Skill Level 2.5 Skill Level 3.5 Skill Level 3.4 Skill Level 2.4 NCEA AS91600 NCEA AS91283 NCEA AS91599 NCEA AS91280 NCEA AS91282

Key Competencies:

Conduct a reflective social inquiry

Describe personal involvement in a social action related to rights and responsibilities

Describe a social action that enables communities and/or nations to meet responsibilities and exercise rights

Examine personal involvement in a social action(s) that aims to influence policy change(s)

Examine a campaign of social action(s) to influence policy change(s)


Study the history of animal rights over the last three centuries in ways that demonstrate how social change comes about.

Social Studies
Social action Social justice Animal rights
Key Competencies
Social action Social inquiry Social justice