Animals & Us Digital Resources

New digital learning resources available early 2021

This year SAFE is launching a new set of free digital resources for high school students that focuses on issues affecting humans and animals. ‘Animals & Us’ invites students to think critically and explore their fundamental values and behaviour concerning the world and all living beings. With these resources, we engage with and encourage students to explore compassionate lifestyle choices. Each resource includes a series of readings, videos, activities and NCEA Achievement Standard assessments. Following on from our successful series of print textbooks, our first three digital resources look at animal sentience and healthy eating and present the story of a farmer moving away from animal farming.

Animal Sentience

Animal Sentience takes a look at the concept of sentience and how it affects our understanding of non-human animals. The resource explores feelings, sensations and emotion, the philosophical history of sentience, speciesism and New Zealand’s Animal Welfare Act 1999. With this resource, we encourage compassion and engage in critical analysis of why we treat non-human animals the way we do in today’s society.

Eating Healthy for you and the Planet

Eating Healthy for you and the Planet is a home economics resource that looks at how the food we eat affects the health of the planet. It discusses the nutritional needs of different people, cultivated meats and the future of food. The resource has a range of activities, including many delicious and affordable recipes that are good for people and the planet. Eating Healthy for you and the Planet explores food production and the impacts of our day-to-day dietary habits on climate change and the environment.

The Last Pig

The Last Pig is a film and digital resource that follows a farmer as they transition their farm away from animal agriculture. This award-winning film chronicles the farmer’s final year on their farm, capturing their struggles in intimate detail as they question their beliefs and the value of life. The Last Pig encourages students to consider how their values and life choices influence the lives of other people, animals and the environment.

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